SmartMedia Interface [ ENGLISH | JAPANESE ]
You can add nonvolatile RAM-DISK from 2MB to 16MB on PC-E500, using SmartMedia.

When you want to install large capacity RAM-DISK, you had to use expensive 4Mbit-SRAM formerly. But, this circuit and device driver allow you to use high cost performance SmartMedia card as RAM-DISK.

The data written to SmartMedia will not be erased even if you remove batteries.

Exsample of SmartMedia Installation

SmartMedia is very compact (L45xW37xH0.76mm) and PC-E500 has enough space to place SmartMedia. But, If you have already installed other devices on PC-E500, there might be not enough space.

Then you can cut the black package off around the terminal. Semiconductor is lying only the other side of terminal.

I've already installed 2 stacked 128KB-RAMs, clock IC(RP5C62), 3 seramic resonators(2.3MHz,4.8MHz,8.0MHz) and 4 logic ICs.

It looks impossible to place SmartMedia. But it became possible by cutting the pakage off.

SmartMedia Adapter (Experimental)

This is the SmartMedia adapter still in the experimental stage.
I think it's useful that I could exchange the file with PC as floppy disk.
But it stopped now because of many ploblems.

One problem is PC never recognize the card which had used with this adapter once.

I think it takes so many time to fix this problems. So I put the picture only for the time being.

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